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Arbeitsgruppe Angewandte Mathematik / Numerische Analysis
Bergische Universität Wuppertal
Fakultät 04
Gaußstraße 20
D-42119 Wuppertal

Telefon: +49 202 439 5296
Fax: (Fax aktuell nicht erreichbar)
E-Mail: sek-amna{at}


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COMSON research summary

The main objective of the Consortium is to implement an experimental Demonstrator Platform in software code. This platform will comprise coupled simulation of devices, interconnects, circuits, EM fields and thermal effects in one single framework. It will connect each individual achievement, and offer an adequate simulation tool for optimisation in a compound design space.

The Consortium will use the Demonstrator Platform as a framework to test mathematical methods and approaches. The Demonstrator platform will also assess whether this methods are capable of addressing the industry's problems. Finally the Demonstrator Platform will be used to train and educate young researchers by hands-on experience on state-of-the-art problems.

The platform does not aim at replacing existing industrial or commercial codes. However, it will be capable of analysing medium sized coupled problems of industrial relevance, thus offering a chance to develop advanced mathematics for realistic problems. Such a platform is urgently needed for academic research, since it provides a natural test bench with state-of-the-art models and parameters from the different domains rather than academic simplifications. The second benefit of such a platform is to collect the knowledge about models and methods, which is widespread distributed over the different nodes of this Consortium, thus giving excellent opportunities for transfer of knowledge and mutual stimulation of new research. In addition, the Demonstrator Platform will be a central realisation of all needed documents, reports, manuscripts, and courses to be developed during the project execution. It also plays a central role in the training and transfer of knowledge within the COMSON Consortium.

The basis of the Demonstrator Platform is the development and validation of appropriate mathematical models to describe the coupling, their analysis (well-posedness) and related numerical schemes.

CoMSON is divided in 4 main areas of research: